My Room

Dat noise.

I’ve received a few messages asking what my room looks like, so here it is. I don’t have my DSLR with me here, so pardon the horrible photos. Quite frankly, as a photographer, my eyes are already bleeding at the amount of noise in these photos at such a low ISO. Even though the iPhone 4S has an exceptional camera for a phone, it’s still not nearly usable enough for us. I have updated this post on April 12, 2012 after rearranging some stuff in my room.

So yeah, the above photo is what you’ll see when you walk into my room if your eyes are a 35mm f/2.4 lens. It’s actually pretty big for one person to live in, and if I may say so, the optimal size for a living area. Let’s start at my desk.

Don't really know how the white paint got there.

The chair’s height is precisely the height at which I don’t have to bend my knees over 90 degrees when sitting, and the armrest being parallel to the table surface. This is what I’ve found to be the optimal setting for writing or typing for a prolonged period of time. There is a small bin under the desk. I have a habit of eating things in my room and a bin is definitely useful in keeping the room tidy. I usually empty it once a week. After all, no organic rubbish ever goes in there so it’s not a health hazard.

Yes, fellow audiophiles. This is the real thing.

The first thing the audiophiles will notice upon entering my room is my beloved Sennheiser HD800. It is indeed the real thing, hand-made in Germany with serial number 00852. The ultimate dynamic headphones, HD800 is unmatched in musical accuracy. Its soundstage is just mindblowing, and definitely the best headphones money can buy without going electrostatic. Start crying, Beyerdynamic and Audeze fanboys. I meant what I just said.

Headphone ergonomics is important.

The HD800 is usually always on my head if I’m in front of my desk, and that’s more than a few hours every day. When I’m not in front of my desk, it hangs on the Sennheiser HH10 as shown above. It’s a nice little stand. I really do like Woo Audio’s headphone stands, but as pretty as they are, I just don’t have the space on my desk to put them. Maybe if I get a bigger desk one day…or a bigger room, for that matter.

The Asgard amplifies the HD800 surprisingly well.

My Amp. Hidden behind it is the HRT Music Streamer II, the external DAC. The amp is there because the HD800 must be amped. The DAC is there because the MacBook Air has a horrible built in one that has enough noise to make my ears bleed. It’s mostly audiophile stuff here, but just know they’re important.


The printer I use is the HP LaserJet P1102w. Being a wireless printer, it doesn’t have to be physically connected to the AirPort Extreme or the MacBook Air to print. I don’t really care how high resolution screens become, as James Li said once, nothing beats the sharpness of text printed on paper. All my lecture notes and slides are printed out, and I do study them on paper.


I think it’s fairly obvious why I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. With my dual display setup, it’s pretty awkward to use the built-in keyboard and trackpad on the MacBook Air. To be honest, I’d love a Das Ultimate for my keyboard, but it does look out of place on my desk as you can imagine. The Apple Keyboard has enough tactile feedback for me, so I make do with it. Its battery life is legendary, and being the Apple product it is, it also connects to the iPhone and the iPad with ease at the touch of a button – and that’s invaluable.

As for the Magic Trackpad, I don’t think I need to explain. With OS X Mountain Lion approaching, it’s silly to still be using a mouse. Multitouch interactions with the computer is the future. I do have a Razer Orochi gaming mouse, which I only use when I play games. Otherwise, the Magic Trackpad beats the mouse in every way in every workflow.

Big is good.

I do use an Acer V243HL 24″ LED as my external display. This screen allows my neck to suffer less strain when I’m in front of the computer for up to 6~7 hours a day. Also, it increases the distance of the screen from my eyes. I really think an external display like this is necessary when you do prolonged work like I do, and regardless how much better the MacBook Air’s display is in terms of resolution and PPI, you still need it.

One day, I’ll buy an Apple Thunderbolt Display. One day.

The star of my desk.

Have I mentioned how much I love my MacBook Air? It’s an amazing computer and without a doubt the best computer I’ve ever owned…OK, this article is about my room, not the MBA, so I’ll stop there. Anyway, as the secondary monitor, the MacBook Air screen is usually on my IRC channel #blickwinkel @ When I’m not in exams, it usually displays a Twitter timeline or Things’ Today. Having another display is always useful. For instance, you can have a lecture playing in the MBA screen and the slide on the main display. The possibilities are endless.

The backstage staff is just as important.

Normally hidden behind the MacBook Air is my AirPort Extreme base station. Being the best Router on the market, there’s nothing much to say about why it’s here. Its range and speed is extraordinary. Connected to it is a 1TB Toshiba 2.5″ Portable HDD. It serves as my wireless Time Machine partition, as well as a storage expansion to the MacBook Air. Being an anime fan, this is definitely necessary.

Two equally awesome looking entities.

Beside my desk is the box my HD800 came in. It’s such a nice looking box I don’t want to put it away. Also, it’s a nice place to leave my iPad (3rd Generation) when I’m not using it. The iPad is the ultimate portable device, so it doesn’t get used much at home aside from the bathroom and in bed. I do shower with my iPad, but I think I should save that story for another day. In short, I want it somewhere I can grab quickly if I want to read some manga, or check something up real quick.

A good sleep is what drives a good day.

I do have King-sized single bed. I find that I sleep the best with my feet not touching the end of the bed. I don’t enjoy bending my knees when I sleep, so I guess that settles that. The pink sheet? Don’t even ask. I like it, so there!

A headphone stand...?

Yes, it’s a Sennheiser HD555. It’s hung beside the bed because unlike the HD800, it doesn’t need an amp. Sometimes when I’m a bit tired or I’m just about to sleep, I tend to watch an anime in bed with my iPad. This is where the HD555 comes in, as it easily plugs into the iPad without the need of a portable DAC or Amp. Also, every morning when I wake up, I do my daily devotion which involves worship. The HD555 is used for that too. I don’t use the HD800 because it involves getting out of bed, and most Christian music are poorly recorded anyway, and the HD800 reveals all that without mercy, hampering effect of the devotion.

For the sake of greater sleepiness!

Retina Displays are great, but they’re still backlit. This goes to all electronic displays…except e-Ink! There’s no doubt that backlit displays ruin your sleepiness, and that’s why for me, it’s a given rule that I don’t spend the last 30 minutes of the day in front of backlit display. The Kindle is my greatest friend in assisting me get to sleep without a hassle every night.

This is the only photo here not taken with an iPhone. It was taken with my iPad!

Finally, here is my iPhone 4S. It’s my favorite technology gadget out of everything I own, so I saved it till last. This thing never leaves my side 24/7. If I’m awake it’s in my pocket. If I’m asleep it’s beside my pillow, with Sleep Cycle ensuring I have the finest rest. Listing out everything I use the iPhone for would warrant several articles, so I won’t get down to that. One thing’s for sure – this little guy is the most important gadget I have. I can’t live without it.

I like mirrors.

And that’s pretty much it. I like my room, and there’s nothing that I can think of right now that will improve my life in here. Maybe when I have my DSLR, I’ll retake some photos and make a new post. For now, hope you stalkers enjoyed your tour inside my room.

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  1. Myst says:

    Say, does the AirPort Extreme work with Windows? I really like the idea of it being able to connect to my external HDD and I eventually will need to buy a router for my next year at college.

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